Bubble Bobble Game

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Bub & Bob's First Appearance

Originally developed in the very early years of this style of arcade games, Bubble Bobble was brought to us by Taito in 1986. Since that launch the game has received some coding advancement and is now available as a flash game for playing on computers and hand held devices rather than just the original arcade game. In fact at one stage the original coding was lost during a company move and the game had to be re-written by backward writing of the code using a playable game, quite a difficult task, but one which the makers thought was well worth the time, and one has to agree with them in that decision.

Bubble Bobble is now available for any platform you may think of from the antiquated Commodore 64 and Spectrum ZX's of the original era to the mobile phones of today's generation. This wide variation of platforms also includes all gaming consoles and computer related ones.

This is an interesting combination game which will remind the player of such favorites as Tetris and also Pac-Man. The name derives from a combination of the two heroes, bubble dragons Bub, who is green with yellow spikes/horns, whose full name is Bubblun and Bob who is blue with cyan spikes/horns, whose full name is Bobblun. Both have their mission in rescuing their girlfriends by successfully traversing the Cave of Monsters.

There are 100 platforms to overcome by bursting bubbles, pushing the bubbles, avoiding enemies and looking for power-ups which are there for the finding, if the game is played through to its completion. This game is an interesting combination of bubble bursting and maze games.

While Bobble Bubble is predominantly a "burst the bubbles" style of game it sets the standard higher than others in the way the player can play in a more complex way. Scoring is also more complicated than most of the bubble bursting games. From a mediocre 10 points for just bursting a bubble to 1,000 points for bursting one which contains a monster, 2,000 for two monsters at the same time and so on. There are also points for bonus score items such as popcorn, burgers etc.

2 Player Coop

As with many other games of similar format Bubble Bobble is perhaps even better when played in two player cooperative mode because of not only the competition but also in the way the screens interact and the possible way to gain extra points for that. The game is heavily concentrated on the game play action rather than any world beating graphics, but the game play itself is outstanding for its variables and the way the more advanced player can shape the way the game is unravelling.

Plenty of Tips & Tricks to Learn

There are also numerous tricks and tips for increasing score, getting extra lives and having messages appear on the screen. The advanced player will be interested to research this more and find the many ways of subtle game play which affect the game and the outcomes. It is in this way this game stands out from the rest of the pack of bubble oriented games. There are more than 20 tips and tricks to use and various names to enter if you reach your high score which further expands the game and the results. Of course, all this assumes you are able to burst the bubbles of the monsters/enemies, not an easy task in itself and even less so if you are trying to stay with an optimum sequence for maximum points.

Monsters Galore!

There are a total of eleven monsters/enemies in the Bobble Bubble game, all of whom have exotic names and who appear at various stages of the game during different levels: Zen-Chan, Mighta, Monsta, PulPul, Banebou, Hidegonsu, Drunk, Invader, Super Drunk, Skel-Monsta, and rascal. All of these have aliases which are familiar to players of other games, for example, Zen-Chan is aka "Bubble Buster", Drunk is aka "Willy Whistle', etc.

Time is of the Essence

The player moves or jumps from platform to platform on the screen bursting the bubbles along the way and searching out the monsters for extra points and better security. The bubbles also hover for some time, which allows the chance to use them as a jumping platform to access other areas. The level is complete once all the monsters are defeated, but players need to remember that they are also against the clock and over time the enemies get more frustrated and angry making them even harder to locate and catch.

When they become angry they turn pink and move at an increasingly fast pace. One slight downfall of this game is that the levels tend to be repeated in subsequent games so it is possible to develop a method for navigating the various levels, indeed there are online instructions for doing so. The dragons move around by walking on platforms, jumping up to them or even through them. However in certain places it is also possible to fall through the platforms.

Lot's of Variations

Each level also has unseen air currents and graphics which vary the way bubbles float and the aim required. Time limits vary from level to level, a couple have no time limit while others, especially in the later stages of the game have very strict time limits making advanced techniques such as "kissing" for trapping the enemies not only useful but essential. At levels 20, 30 and 40 there are hidden doors which lead to secret rooms containing diamonds and other luxuries. If you are advanced enough to reach level 50 without dying then there is a secret door which will advance the player by 20 levels.

Not Your Average Bubble Bursting Game

As one can tell from the brief description above this is not one of the average bubble bursting games, Taito's Bubble Bobble is far more complex and as such possibly better for the older player rather than the young children who can play the more mundane games easier. For the advanced player, there are an ample number of complexities to maintain the player's interest and to encroach on time which passes by unnoticed while playing this arcade classic.