About the Bubble Blasting Series

Bubble Tanks are a popular series of online flash games created by Hero Interactive. Game development across the five games is the main reason why the games are still successful today. Let's take a look at a summary of the first three games that came along, which parts have been developed and why they are so popular amoungst the online gaming community.

Bubble Tanks 1

Bubble Tanks 1 is a 2D shoot'em up game. Your character has to progress through a series of large bubbles, with your primary objective to destroy enemies, which come in different forms. When you defeat your enemies you gain a shield (in the form of bubbles) from the fallen.

Bubble Tanks 2

The second game in the is a huge development from the first. This game has improved vastly through a series of ingenious enhancements. Now instead of just the normal mode there is also an additional mode named the arena. However, the regular mode has not been forgotten and here you will find improved enemies which will have your head in a spin. You can read more about the second games enhancements in our review here.

Bubble Tanks Tower Defence

Even though it is an entirely different game from the first two, you can still tell that this is a Hero Interactive game. Developers have made the move from shoot'em up to stage defender without a glitch. With Bubble Tanks Tower Defence, the idea is to stop enemy bubbles from reaching their goal. To do this you have to set up and upgrade previously built towers. With a substantial 52 stages, bubble tanks tower defence will have you playing for hours. Read our full review here.

So why have these three Hero Interactive games become so popular? Let's take a look at some developments that set them apart from many other mediocre browser games.


As with all other 2D flash games, graphics are rarely crucial, and with these three bubble blaster games there is no difference. The graphics are in line with other popular flash games. However although they are purely vectorised and somewhat simplistic the actual design of the different bubble tanks and enemies is still very creative and well polished. There is a somewhat 'glossy' feel to all the games. The simple vector designs actually compliment the game play as to not distract the player too much from them intense fighting.


With the first two bubble tanks games the controls are changeable, and I think it is imperative that you find the controls that are right for you.

For the defence game everything is controlled by the mouse, unless you decide to use the hotkeys. Hotkeys can be very helpful for the experienced gamer, if used correctly they will save you valuable seconds.


For the first two games, the way enemies have developed is one of the main differences between them. Enemies get much harder in the second game which was an improvement welcomed by fans.

In the defence game, there are many different enemies, including the ghost bubble which will waltz through your towers like they are not even there.

The enemies across the three games are a focal to the game itself. Hero Interactive has made sure that central development surrounds enemies. Through all three games the further you progress the harder the enemies get.


In the first two games, weapon development has been colossal; you will see in the second bubble blaster that there has been an addition of the secondary weapon. On top of this there has been extensive development to the primary weapon. For me the best primary weapon is the mine, which you can lay down. However, with development of your weapons comes development of enemy weapons, and their new tricky weapon is 'the blob,' if you go through this it will make your character move slower, allowing enemies to destroy you easier.

Towers in the defence game act as your weapons; there are many different types of towers, including the mega tower. All your towers can be upgraded, and it is important that you upgrade equally among the different types of towers, so you can deliver effective damage to different types of enemy.

Game Play

All three games offer great 'pick up and play' material with controls and the ease of controlling your tank providing gamers with instant fun. As many of the hardcore gamers will know, the simpler games have a better game play.

The first two games have extensive longevity; it will be a long time before you can complete both of them, especially if you also take the time to complete the arena mode on the second game. Since I originally wrote this article there has also been the release of Bubble Tanks Arena as a separate game.

The bubble tanks tower defence game play is much smoother than other games of its kind, anybody that has played defence games will know that some of them tend to get terribly slow on the later levels, but you will find that this game does not. Also, with a massive 52 stages it is also one of the longest tower defence games you will come across.

As we can see from my analysis Hero Interactive has done a great job progressing with development and by doing this has created a series of truly magnificent browser based games. Hero Interactive have since launched a Bubble Tanks 3 and a Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2.