Bubble Firing With Bub & Bob

Do you remember the popular Japanese 1994 puzzle arcade game with two adorable characters? Is it all coming back to you now? Well, puzzle bobble is back, and this time it is on your desktop; here you can re-live the hours of work you put in at the arcade (may I add the bag full of coins as well!). This is the original 'puzzle bubble game', and we can tell how popular it is, based on the amount of flash game developers that have tried to recreate and improve on it. The bubble puzzle games are one of the most played flash games today.

This flash game is a carbon copy of the arcade game created way back in 1994 by Taito. Players have to solve a series of levels, which progress in difficulty. The idea of the game is to eliminate all the coloured balls above you. To do this, you must use your cannon to aim balls and try to create a line of three or more of the same colour. To score higher points try to eliminate as many balls with one shot as possible.

If the balls reach the bottom of the screen, you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, then it is back to the beginning to start again. If you complete a stage, you will be told how long it has taken and how many points you have received.

The challenge of puzzle bubble online is two fold. First, to gain a respectable score you must be quick; this is because the speed in which you complete the level helps with your overall score. If you take too long to complete a level then you may progress, but with nothing to show for it. Secondly, every few balls you shoot you will notice the screen starts shaking, when it does beware, because it means that the top of the screen will cave in and make your level smaller. The game will continue to do this until you complete the stage, or lose a life. Once you get near the bottom the music speeds up in an effort to rile the player. If you are finding it difficult to comprehend then turn the volume down!

Hints and tips

  • It is better to get through a level, than to risk it to go through with a high amount of points, so think about what is in front of you before you start the level.
  • Use the walls to bounce your ball off, to have any chance of progressing deep into the game you need to use the walls effectively and not rush your shots.

Even though many older arcade games are now a distant memory, a select few find their way back into the gaming world. The thing about arcade games is they often have unusually addictive game play, and there is no difference here. Puzzle bobble online is a flash classic and the conversion from arcade to online gaming has been made flawlessly.