Bubble Islands Game

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About the Bubbly Island Experience

It's been described as a mixture between Puzzle Bobble, Tetris, Columns and god knows how many other match three gem games and every example is exactly right, Bubble Islands takes so many concepts from all of the match three games to ever be brought out across all platforms but still manages to make a name on it's own as an original and fun bubble popping puzzle game.

There are plenty of characters to choose from with which to play the game in either of the available modes, which make it more novel than the likes of puzzle bobble where you can only play as the two dragons from bubble bobble. You can also compete against the computer which makes it even better. 1p vs 2p doesn't seem to be available yet though so theres no multiplayer right now for those eager to test their match three skills against their friends. The two modes that are available are as mentioned the arcade mode 'vs the computer' and the puzzle mode which is a solo experience like puzzle bobble where you have to clear the bubbles from many different stages (islands).

All in all Bubble Islands set's the standard for a free web based match three game and offers plenty of addictive and exciting fun for those that love the match three gaming experience. We'd like to see the multiplayer option available as soon as possible, but in the mean time arcade and puzzle modes give casual game players plenty to sink their teeth into.