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Bubble Town, the MySpace and Facebook phenomenon is now available for download! Save Borb Bay from calamity in this addictive arcade-puzzler - join the unforgettable cast of characters for an adventure of bubble-popping proportions! Choose from Journey Mode or Arcade Mode. Bubble Town is addictive fun!

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Bubble town is a cute bubble pop game, which includes many different features to other puzzle games. But is this game one that stands out from the crowd or one that just blends in with the rest of them?

Bubble town is another exciting follow on from the original puzzle bobble game. However, bubble town brings new developments, including some new stages and a much more exciting and lively layout, this sets it apart from many other match 3 and bubble games.

Like all other bubble puzzle games, your aim is to guide the bubbles (or borbs as they are known in bubble town) to other bubbles of the same kind. When you complete a pattern of three or more bubbles that are touching they fall off the screen. Your overall goal is to clear the screen as quickly as possible, without letting the falling ceiling reach the bottom causing your demise.

iPlay have added a face to the bubbles, and this helps to create a pleasurable atmosphere. Also you will find that some borbs are awake and others are asleep, the borbs that are asleep have to be woken up with another borb before you can use them in a pattern.

Bubble pop has two modes, endless and journey. Endless mode is in essence an arcade mode; here you progress through set stages. On the other hand, the journey mode has a story line behind it.

Along with the two different modes there are also two different game types, straight up and ball. Straight up mode is like any other match 3 gem firing game, whereby you shoot your borbs into a vertical layout, and you will fail if the borbs reach the bottom of the screen. However, in contrast the ball mode brings a clever new adaptation. In ball mode you start off with a 'ball' pattern in the middle of the screen, this rotates with every shot; so it is hard for you to build up patterns and often requires you to use the walls to bounce your borbs off to complete the game.

During the game you will come across boss stages, to defeat each boss you must clear the bubbles around them, and if done correctly you will defeat them.

To help you in your quest iPlay have added a few handy additions. First you will notice that you can see up to your next eight borbs, when you get to the end of these borbs the screen moves down. In line with this if you make a shot which wipes out a group then these will fall into your tube which will delay the screen falling down. Secondly, if you leave your pointer in one place for a long time then a line will appear to show the route of your shot, this can be helpful for long-distance shots. Finally the power up's, if you get one then you must use it immediately on your next shot or it will vanish.

Bubble towns strength in comparison to other bubble puzzle games is the likeability factor, the music, layout and some other small features offer an improved gaming experience. Whilst some puzzle games can become dull after a short time, Bubble Town avoids this common weakness with a vast selection of levels and the boss stages making it a delightful and enduring game.

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Game available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & Windows 8, Mac

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