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Fire & Pop At Will With Bubble Tanks

Bubble Tank 1 is a 2D flash game brought to us by Hero Interactive. The game itself reminds us a lot of the 1979 arcade classic asteroids. Let's take a look at the game to find out why this is and to see why the game has amassed such an eager following.

Your game play revolves around giant bubbles, these you must negate through to destroy anything in your way. The first few bubbles have instructional guides, including your chosen directional buttons and how to edit them. However, after this every single bubble offers up a different type of enemy to challenge you.

Enemies Ready to Burst Your Bubble or You Theirs

The enemies come in the form of other bubbles. Adversaries also come in different shapes, sizes and strengths, from the easiest three bubbled enemy, to the final boss stage. When you destroy a bubble it leaves smaller ones for you to collect, when you collect these you gain shield power. Effectively instead of wiping out enemies, you are in fact stealing their powers or if you like swallowing them up. The enemies get progressively harder gaining higher shields, and a greater weapon of power.

If you happen to lose your shield then the next shot that hits you will move you back to the safest bubble, here you may be able to find some easier opponents to regain power.

Even though at the game's start-up it tells you that there have been 37,000 enemies created, there does come a point where there is a final boss stage. If you find and defeat it you receive a note of congratulations, also the option to continue playing in invincible mode.

Controls of Bubble Tanks 1 can be altered at the main menu, your default controls are [w] [a] [s] [d] for up, left, down and right respectively, the other main control is click to shoot - simple. On the main menu you can also alter the quality of the graphics, adjust the music and SFX volumes.

Soothing Music!

The tempo of the game's background music helps you to relax. This is one thing that I found slightly odd, even though the game is by rights a shoot'em up it has a certain therapeutic element to it, which makes you feel calm while destroying an empire of bubbles.

Hints and Tips

  • Make sure that when you kill your opponent you collect it's shield before leaving the bubble, if you do leave and decide to return to collect it then it will be too late.
  • This game does get difficult, so it's essential that you find controls you are happy with. I prefer to use a mouse to shoot, and directional keys to move, but each to their own.
  • When attacking enemies, try to move around, do not stay rooted to the same spot otherwise enemies will have a field day shooting at you.

For a simple 2D flash game, Bubble Tanks 1 is different with many aspects of its game play, this sets it apart from other games in its genre. After reviewing the game, we still stand by our comparison to Asteroids and you may think this comparison is a negative one, but do you remember playing Asteroids? Do you remember how addictive it was? we do...

Once you complete the first game there are plenty more in the series to go through, why not try out Bubble Tanks 2 or 3.