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Listen to Your Fans & The Sequel Will Be a True Success!

It's very often expected that a second game in the series will be much better than the first. This is something gamers have come to expect, so some players do not appreciate the amount of effort and that goes into a second game in a series. As well as thinking of a bunch of new ideas developers need to induct this into the game and make sure it works correctly. This requires much work, but has it actually worked for Bubble Tanks 2?

There are only a few things that have remained the same from the first bt game. Your mission is still to destroy as many foes as possible without losing your entire shield. The more enemies you kill the more powerful you become. However, this time Hero Interactive has listened to its players, and this has allowed them to introduce some terrific ideas. This has vastly improved the game itself and made it easier to play than its predecessor. Let's take a look at some of these development areas, and how Bubble Tanks 2 has improved significantly.

Arena Mode

Instead of just the normal mode you now have the arena mode as well. In the arena mode you choose which of your rivals you want to face off against, from the tiny guy bubble to the destroyer. You also choose how strong you want your attack to be.

On the main menu you can also select the bubble-o-pedia. Bubble-o-pedia is a small list of your enemies; so next time you kill an enemy take a moment to look to see what you have just destroyed! This will also aid in your next match against the same sort of enemy tank - you will then know its strengths and weaknesses.

Bubble Cash for Upgrades

In contrast to the first game, now when you collect bubbles as well as contributing to your shield, they also act as cash. When you collect a certain amount of bubbles, you are now entitled to an upgrade. A screen will appear asking you which one of the three options you would like to choose from. Your first upgrade comes at 100 bubbles, however say you were to go down to 80 then you lose your upgrade, this is reinstated when you get back up to 100 again.

More Weapons

Also, you now have two weapons instead of one. Secondary weapons at your disposal include the mega cannon, an additional shield plus various others. As well as secondary weapons the primary weapons have also improved. My new favourite weapon has to be the mines which are extremely handy when you find yourself hugely outnumbered. The new weapons really add a sense of excitement and a bag of bread crumb incentives to the game. Where as in the first game it felt like a bit of a shoot, kill and repeat chore, this added addition keeps you motivated to take out many even more bubble foe.

Improved Enemies

Naturally with the improvement of weapons comes improvement of enemies. In Bubble Tanks 2 I found that the enemies get harder quicker than in the first, meaning you have less time to settle into to a rhythm. There are also many more different types of enemy in this sequel making the whole fighting system than much more enjoyable.

David vs. Goliath

We won't spoil the end boss finale by giving you every intricate detail of the encounter - we will just say that your journey to the boss and all the preparation of building your tank's power up through endless enemy battles is well rewarded. Even with all your newly found power from primary and secondary weapons - in the physical size category atleast is does feel like a David vs. Goliath battle - just the way we like it!


Hero Interative have certainly listened to players and dramatically improved almost all aspects of the game. So I say hats off to the developers, who have thought of all possible improvement areas and worked on developing them equally, instead of just a few.

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