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The Puzzle Bobble series of games has a pretty great history –one that even surpasses the source material. One of the latest additions to the series is LINE Puzzle Bobble, made by mobile app developer Gumi Inc. This incarnation of the popular bubble busting game follows the series’ core mechanics and adds a few interesting new features centering around social networking and a new stage progression system designed for mobile devices. It is a bright, fun, and cheery game that would fit a wide range of players is a good, solid addition to your mobile games lineup. Continue Reading

Release Date: 09/12/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Bub and Bob are back in LINE Puzzle Bobble

It has been many years since Bub and Bob first appeared in Taito’s arcade platformer Bubble Bobble. But now, more than a decade since, the two little dinosaurs are as iconic as ever –and ironically, not in the main game series they debuted in, but in the highly addictive puzzle game spinoff series, Puzzle Bobble. LINE Puzzle Bobble, one of the newer additions to the series, is a mobile re-envisioning of the game. Much of the homages and nods to the original Bubble Bobble game is gone (including the little enemy sprites inside the bubbles), but there is much depth that has been added to the bubble bouncing and bursting mechanics of the game.

What is LINE Puzzle Bobble?

Players control Bub and Bob, two little dinosaurs in order to launch bubbles towards the top of the screen. The main point of the game is to connect up 3 matching colors or more. The challenge here is that you do not directly tap the location where you want to place the new bubble. Instead you must aim the launcher and on occasion, bounce your shots off walls in order to land your bubble in just the right spot.

The goal of the game is to create as many matching sets in as short a time as possible. The game allows for chain combos –which means that players can try to go for a risky shot that will cut off lots of bubbles with a single long match, but this usually involves making a bounce shot that will land your bubble near the main connecting bubbles on top of the screen.

While playing, the bubbles will constantly starting moving down the screen. This happens every few intervals and it is up to the player to keep up with the bubble bursting matches in order to prevent the bubbles from the lowest point of the screen. If the bubbles end up at the bottom of the stage, the game ends and the players has to restart the stage from the beginning.

What makes this version of the game different from the others is that the bubbles you launch are not entirely random. You have a limited amount of bubbles and must find the optimum way to use each of them in order to clear a stage. This is easy around the first few levels, but as you progress into the game, the challenge becomes significantly harder.

Powered Bubbles

New to the series is the introduction of special bubbles. These bubbles are easy to identify since they have something inside and they glow. The powers in the special bubbles vary and can be told apart by the icon and color that they have. Using these bubbles should be done carefully as they are not common, but they can do plenty of interesting things. There are various ones that will give you more time, others that explode on contact, some that serve as wildcard bubbles, and those that will destroy all bubbles of the certain color.

Massive Game

LINE Puzzle Bobble has been around for a while so there are already plenty of updates for it –there are already more than 300 stages and each one presents a unique and fun challenge. Obviously, there is a bit of a push here towards IAP’s but it is possible to play and complete the game without having to rely on premium content. The best part is that for a match-3 kind of game, Puzzle Bobble’s mechanics are pretty unique and provides a nice change of pace from the traditional tile based games that are more commonly found in other apps. It also helps that this is the same series that actually started the whole bouncing-launching thing as well.

The Verdict: Why Not?

Since the game does not force players up against a wall with frustrating gameplay, it makes the whole F2P-IAP’s issue a whole lot easy to deal with. Sure,t he game will get easier with a some premium purchases, but there is nothing a lot of skill and a little bit of luck cannot compensate for. In terms of delivery, it is a very great looking game. The animations are very smooth, the user interface is easy to figure out (which is important when you are lining up a critical shot with a short amount of time), and the two dinosaur mascots are incredibly adorable. They’re wearing goggles now, which actually looks pretty nice, and watching them toss bubbles at each other to use is plenty adorable.

Basically, LINE Puzzle Bobble is a fun game with addictive mechanics and impressive visuals. It is perfect for those little play and go moments that you get throughout the day, making it an excellent option for an app game.

Rating: 88/100

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Puzzle Bobble is developed by LINE Corporation.